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How to use this site

When it’s time to produce your own monthly magazine or update your church website, simply log on to The Sign site. Click on a category to see the new postings. Expand the text to read it through, choose what you want, copy it, and paste it into your magazine. Check the formatting, copy and paste a related image if we provide one, and that’s it. In addition, you can download the whole of The Sign, a 16-page supplement, already fully laid out and illustrated.

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Have a look at a few sample articles, representive of the type and quality of articles The Sign has to offer.

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If you like what you've seen, start an account with us, allowing you to use The Sign's content for your own publications.

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If you are interested in ordering printed copies of The Sign in bulk, please get in touch and we will be able to set up an order that that meets your parish's requirements.

Become a contributor

Does your own magazine have a star contributor? Have you produced an article or a photo that deserves wider readership? Don’t keep it to yourself.

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Where does our content come from?

The Sign's content is written by our staff and also features articles from the Church Times and magnet...

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