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Every editor needs a little help...


Welcome to the Sign Online, the website packed with top-quality content for you to use in your church magazine or website. For as little as £10 a year, you can make sure that you never run dry of interesting, relevant, and, most importantly, well subbed copy from some of the best Christian writers around. As well as original writing, you can have access to the best from the Church Times, magnet and other publications. You can just cut and paste it when you want and where you want.

During each month we post fresh material on this site, some of it original, some taken from our other publications and tailored for your use. We’ll draw on the Church Times, magnet, and The Sign, providing headlines and, where possible, illustrations. All this can be simply cut and pasted into whatever software you use. In addition, we provide a complete 16-page supplement (or 8-pages A4) that you can download in one go. Or you can buy printed versions of this, cheaper than you can photocopy it!


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Does your own magazine have a star contributor? Have you produced an article or a photo that deserves wider readership? Don’t keep it to yourself.

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Where does our content come from?

The Sign's content is written by our staff and also features articles from the Church Times and magnet...

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